Stand With Retail Employees – During the Holidays and All Year-Round!

No one should have to work during the holidays to make up for the low wages they were paid or the too few hours they were scheduled for during the rest of the year.

Large profitable retailers have been breaking the rules in favor of their bottom line – whether by staying open on holidays and keeping working people away from their families, or intentionally denying them strong wages, sane schedules and stable hours all year-round. 

This Thanksgiving, Jobs With Justice is standing with retail employees and calling for fair wages and schedules throughout the year so that no one has to depend on working holiday shifts to make ends meet. 

If you believe:

  • Everyone deserves to have year-round economic stability with decent pay, benefits and a say in the workplace,
  • work schedules should be fair, predictable, and sustainable,
  • and paid holiday leave should be the rule, not the exception.

then join us as we fight to change how retail employees are treated – not just around the holidays, but all year.

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