Stand with the Khans and Gold Star Families: PA Senator Pat Toomey must rebuke Trump's comments

The Republican nominee for president has gone too far with his attacks on Khizr and Ghazala Khan, parents to Army Capt. Humayun Khan who was killed in Iraq.

Donald Trump's comments regarding the Khan family were repugnant, and his continued slander of their family is offensive. His attacks cheapen their loss and minimize the service of their son. Trump lacks a moral compass and is void of empathy, rendering him unfit to lead the nation.

Republicans, for their part, haven't done much to stop him. Every day Republican leadership, like Pennsylvania's Sen. Pat Toomey, doesn't repudiate Trump's candidacy, they are complicit in his attacks.

Toomey has a moral obligation to speak out against their party's standard-bearer and to stand with Gold Star families across Pennsylvania.

Sen. Pat Toomey is running in a tight election versus a popular Democrat. Trump's continued lack of decency has left them even more vulnerable and open to public pressure. Constituents can make a huge difference here. Can you call them and tell them to denounce Trump's candidacy?

Sen. Pat Toomey's Washington D.C. office number:
(202) 224-4254

Sample script:
Hello, my name is _______ and I’m calling from _________. Donald Trump's attacks on the Khan family are offensive and anti-American. Gold Star families deserve our respect. This goes beyond politics. It is about a sense of decency. I will not support a political party or candidate who allows this rhetoric to continue unabated. I am calling on Sen. Pat Toomey to denounce Trump's candidacy. Where does the Senator stand?
After you've made your call, please tell us how their office responded.
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