Congress Must Act: Stop Insurance Companies from Overriding Doctors

American healthcare is facing a crisis: insurance companies are increasingly overriding doctors' medical decisions to boost their profits, putting patients' lives at risk.

Patients across the country are being denied essential treatments, medications, and procedures -- not because they are medically unnecessary, but because insurance companies deem them too costly.

This profit-driven approach to healthcare is causing needless suffering and jeopardizing the health of countless Americans.

Doctors are forced to spend valuable time fighting insurance companies to secure the treatments their patients need, taking up precious time and eroding the trust that is essential to the doctor-patient relationship. This nightmare diverts resources away from patient care and undermines the integrity of our healthcare system.

It is time for Congress to take decisive action and put an end to this dangerous practice. We need federal legislation that:

  1. Bans step therapy and prior authorization for crisis mental health care

  2. Establishes robust network adequacy standards

  3. Outlaws predatory junk insurance plans

  4. Ends unchecked rate increases for insurance companies

Tell Congress to stop insurance companies from overturning a doctor's medical determination to pad their bottom line.