Stop Stonewalling Your People, Cole Valley


Cole Valley Speaks began unexpectedly with an enormous response to a blog post.

Then there was a Facebook support group, then a website, then public interviews, a joint statement, and documentary filming. What began as an “awareness effort” quickly shifted to a “collaboration effort” to make Cole Valley Christian School a safer and healthier learning environment for all students.

We’ve been trying to meet, talk, and work together from almost the very beginning.

And, not once, has Cole Valley shown any interest in working with us, let alone meeting and listening to what we have to say. This has been frustrating, disappointing, and ultimately demoralizing to the hundreds of Cole Valley Speaks members and sympathizers that hoped our message would be addressed by the school with open hearts and minds.

After three months of good faith attempts to collaborate with the school, we had to shift gears.

As far as we could tell, they don’t care about the people of the Cole Valley Speaks movement (many of which have suffered at the school), and they would rather ignore us in an attempt to save face than have a conversation about the well-being of past, current, and future students in their school.

But we won't accept stonewalling as an answer.

We demand a round-table dialogue.

They must listen to what we have to say. These are serious allegations we're talking about. We won't allow them to ignore us and continue to risk damaging their students.

Join us and tell Cole Valley to listen.

And watch our documentary teaser trailer!

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