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Public Education as a common public good in New Jersey has been severely under attack. New Jersey schools are known for being among the best in the nation. But, as a result of personal agendas that have sought to weaken our public school system, public educators and public schools have been forced to agree to concessions that have become unsustainable.

Districts are predicting budget shortfalls that will cause educators and school staff within communities around the state to lose their jobs. As a result, schools will be forced to cut programs, increase class sizes, and manage spending decisions through triage.

Changes are being proposed to the public pension system that could undermine the future of public educators upon retirement. In the past, New Jersey educators and public workers have agreed to concessions to our compensatory benefits in order to fill budgetary gaps. It is time for corporate tax accountability to be addressed in this state.

Health care premium sharing has reached a level that is not financially sustainable for educational professionals, causing a net loss of wages and financial hardship.

NJ21United makes the following demands of our legislators:

1. Restore public school funding to pre-recession levels through corporate tax accountability.
2. Provide access to affordable quality healthcare.
3. No more pension give-backs.
4. Competitive pay and job protections for all education support staff.

5. End public funding of charter schools without accountability.

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