Support the Refugee Caravan!

You might have heard about a caravan of folks who are traveling from Central America, through Mexico, seeking asylum in the United States. (And if you haven't heard about the caravan, check out this great explainer!) Many of those on the caravan are specifically fleeing violence in Honduras, brought on by a political system and politicians supported by the U.S. government. While this caravan has been operating informally since 2010, this year it caught the attention of Fox News -- and therefore Donald Trump.

SURJ has been in contact with folks on the ground in Mexico with the caravan, and we've been asked to support their journey in a variety of ways. We believe our "showing up" in this moment is not only the right thing to do, but it's a direct response to Trump's attempts to shut out these courageous migrants. Trump closes doors, but we open them.

If you're interested in supporting those seeking asylum, there are many ways to do so -- from helping out financially to serving as a sponsor for an individual or a family. Simply check the boxes on this form to let us know what support you're able to provide, and we'll follow up with you within a few days with next steps. (Please be patient!)

**One note -- please only check the box labeled "sponsorship" if you are a U.S. citizen (per government rules about who can legally serve as a sponsor).**