Support University of Alaska Faculty and Employees

In the face of a devastating 41 percent reduction in state funding to Alaska’s public university system imposed by the governor of Alaska, AAUP members are rallying to save higher education in the state. The $131 million loss of funds would mean closing campuses across the state and endangering the university’s accreditation. Alaskan students would have fewer options for continuing their education. University of Alaska president Jim Johnsen has called the cuts "devastating” and “unprecedented."

In an open letter to state legislators, AAUP president Rudy Fichtenbaum and Abel Bult-Ito, president of United Academics of the University of Alaska (AAUP/AFT), urged legislators to override the governor's crippling reductions. A vote in the legislature is expected this week.

Send a message of support to the United Academics of the University of Alaska now. Their work is a fight for the future of public education in Alaska.