Take the pledge: Free Vallejo


A safer and healthier community is strengthened by addressing poverty rather than criminalization. This can only happen by investing into programs that help our communities thrive.

Gun violence diminishes the public health of our communities and inflicts insurmountable pain and trauma on the families and survivors. We must repair harm towards the community while decreasing the core drivers of crime. Our taxpayer dollars should be invested in mental health care, trauma recovery, efficient transportation systems, youth jobs programming, and affordable public housing, not into industries that criminalize people for being poor.

Gun violence, policing, and criminalization is one of the primary sites of racial profiling, police violence, and the mass incarceration of Black and Brown communities, trans and queer communities, working class people, and people with disabilities. This violence is compounded when these communities are also denied access to housing, health care, transportation, healthy food, and other basic human needs.

We must repair the damage of mass criminalization and help people return to their communities instead of squandering resources.

We are ready to take action and we need you. Commit to demanding the Vallejo City Council, City Manager, and Mayor to strengthen our communities through safety beyond policing and call for the funding of community based programs that disrupt the cycle of violence.

Together we can #FreeVallejo.