Take the Pledge: I Won't Cross the Verizon Picket Line

39,000 men and women walked off their jobs at Verizon and Verizon Wireless more than two weeks ago. Even though Verizon made billions of dollars in profit last year, executives are demanding life-altering sacrifices from the people whose hard work makes the company run.

But this fight is bigger than Verizon. It's about doing whatever it takes to create a fair return on work, instead of just standing by as a handful of individuals get richer and richer. It's about holding the line for work that sustain families in our communities, instead of forcing working people to relocate or sending  jobs overseas.

The people on strike at Verizon will be walking the picket lines outside of work locations, including Verizon Wireless stores. Empty stores send a powerful message to Verizon and other large corporations that enough is enough.

Stand with them. Sign our pledge to let them know that you won't cross the picket line.

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