Protect YOUR Campus from Undue Donor Influence.


Billionaire donors like the Koch brothers are wreaking havoc on our higher education system. Along with multi-million dollar undisclosed agreements comes influence over hiring, research, and curriculum decisions, tarnishing the value of YOUR degree. You can put a stop to it.

The first step to winning is to build people power on campuses. Add your name today to tell YOUR university that you won’t stand for undue donor influence! Help us represent campuses across the country by adding YOUR name and school. Together, we can build a force far more powerful than billionaire checkbooks.  

It all starts with YOU, on YOUR campus. Add your name today!

At colleges and universities across the country, students are unpacking dorm rooms, buying text books, and playing wholesome games of hacky sack on the quad. Faculty are busy preparing lesson plans and setting syllabuses, ready for a new crop of young minds to mold with knowledge.

But on hundreds of campuses, the back-to-school excitement is dulled by the looming fight ahead. Folks are joining together to protect the integrity of their schools from a common threat: the corrosive influence of donors like the Koch network.

Wherever you take up the fight, you have something to offer this campaign:

As a student, you can demand that your university administration protect the degree you are spending so much of your time, money, and energy to earn.

As a faculty member, you can push forward policies in your faculty senate to protect your academic freedom to research and teach the subjects YOU decide.

As an alumnus, you can protect the legacy of your university and make sure every graduating class that comes after you gets a shot at an unbiased education.

As a parent, you can ensure that your children get the education they deserve and make sure you're getting what you're paying for.

As a community member, you can hold public institutions that your tax dollars support accountable to YOU, not private interests.

The Koch network has billions of dollars to hold up their dangerous political network, but we have something even more powerful: people. Together, we can dismantle the influence of donors like the Kochs and ensure that our colleges and universities remain havens of free thinking and academic integrity.

Take the pledge today.

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