Take the Rent Strike Pledge

Whether you can afford your rent/mortgage payment this month or not, take the pledge to withhold your payment on the 1st. Many cities across the country have eviction moratoriums in place, but that is not enough. Families and individuals living paycheck to paycheck will not be able to afford months of owed rent when the moratoriums are lifted, which is why experts are predicting an even worse housing crisis post-pandemic.

We need to act now. Housing and advocacy organizations including ACRE are coming together to help organize the biggest rent strike in recent history. Nearly a third of Americans didn’t pay rent on April 1st, and the numbers are only expected to climb once rent is due again. Take the pledge and join the next wave of rent strikers.

Let's show our elected officials, corporate landlords, and big banks, that the strength in our collective struggle is greater than the sum of its parts.