Take the Voter Pledge: Vote YES4 JCPS!


When you support Yes4JCPS, you're stepping up to help address the needs of every JCPS student in these four essential areas, which have gone unmet for far too long…

1.      Providing the Modern Facilities Our Students Deserve - Voting Yes4JCPS will allow the district to increase bonding capacity to renovate deteriorating buildings and to build new facilities that will offer modern learning environments all our students deserve. Plus, we know improving our schools raises our own property values.

·         Renovating and modernizing our existing buildings, many of which are otherwise approaching end of life

·         Building new schools where they are needed

·         Modernizing our student sports facilities, including state of the art turf fields

2.      Preparing Students with the Skills Our Local Economy Urgently Needs - The best way to get in front of long-term economic development is with a workforce that is unrivaled in our region and that means helping our children—all of our children—become the best that they can be.

·         Updating technology so student learning is state of the art

·         Expanding and building on the success of our very successful Academies of Louisville

3.      Achieving Equity for All Our Students - Every day, 6,000 students from Louisville’s West End leave their neighborhoods to attend a school across town. Many of these families want the option to send their children to a school closer to home, but JCPS will need three new schools in order to offer them the choice that they deserve. Voting Yes4JCPS gives students and their families a true choice to send their students to a school close to home if they want.  

·         Expanding efforts to attract and keep our best teachers in our struggling schools

·         Closing the “digital divide” by providing one computer or laptop for every student

·         Assuring that students have the mental health supports they need by providing more mental health practitioners and reducing the ratio of students to counselors

·         Reducing class size in priority schools

·         Leveling the playing field by addressing the needs of our English Language Learners, our homeless students, and our students with special needs by proving more supports and interventions

·         Equitably giving every student the option to attend the school closest to them (cost included in #1 above)

·         Addressing summer learning loss through engaging summer learning experiences

4.      Assuring Great Educators and Learning Environments for Every Student – Our district is competing for the best educators not only with neighboring counties, but with large urban districts across the country, and state cuts have left many learning resources unfunded.  Yes4JCPS would allow JCPS to fill these funding gaps and help give JCPS the edge with competitive salaries and benefits, so we can recruit and keep outstanding teachers and other staff members our students deserve; especially at our most struggling schools.

·         Stepping in to fund textbooks and other resources that are unfunded or underfunded by the state

·         Maintaining competitive compensation for bus drivers so we no longer have dropped bus routes

·         Assuring that JCPS does not lose its teacher pay advantage over neighboring districts

·         Expanding incentives to assure that every school has access to quality substitute teachers when they are needed and classes are not left without a teacher

Sign the voter pledge today for a better future for the JCPS community!  

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