Tax Rebellion London


Taxation underpins democracy – it is our mutual investment in society. Refusing to pay tax has always been an act of resistance. From Gandhi to the Suffragettes, tax rebellions happen when it becomes clear that the social contract between the governed and the government is broken. Extinction Rebellion London believe these bonds to have been severed while the governing institutions continue to put us on the path to ecological, climate and social collapse.

Our council tax is funding the Greater London Authority whilst it supports ecocidal projects across London. Not only is it not taking the radical action we need, it is continuing to build roads, factories and other life denying infrastructure while Londoners are dying from air pollution. That's why we are launching this Tax Rebellion.

Our Tax Rebellion has two clear demands to the Greater London Authority (GLA):

  1. To immediately stop infrastructure projects inconsistent with achieving carbon neutrality by 2025, specifically, the development of the SIlvertown Tunnel, the concrete works in Newham and the Edmonton incinerator in Enfield.

  2. To empower a London-wide Citizens’ Assembly to create an Emergency London Plan, replacing the 2020 London Plan.

Approximately 22% of your council tax funds the GLA. This is the amount we are withholding. We will be clear about our intentions to the council and ask them to join us in rebellion. We are proud of our defiance.  

Pledge to join this tax strike in the opposite form. This is not an incriminating commitment, nor is it binding. We are asking people to pledge because this tax rebellion will be far safer and far more effective if we work together.

If our demands are not met we plan to divert the withheld tax to fund a London-wide Citizens' Assembly to amend the London Plan to make London an ecologically and climatologically just city. This will cost approximately the amount of that would be raised by 2,700 participating rebels.

Once a significant number of activists join, we will send out a detailed guide on how we will conduct the strike together. For more information on tax strikes historically, the plan so far and the possible legal repercussions, see our information booklet here.

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