I support truth and integrity in Michigan schools

I believe in truth and integrity in the classroom and pledge to stand up for Michigan’s students and educators.

Students of all ages should be able to learn new skills and explore challenging ideas in an atmosphere of trust, respect, and openness.

I believe in taking a stand against anti-student and anti-education attacks including efforts to:

  • Censor educators and teach to a curriculum mandated by politicians instead of trained education professionals.

  • Sweep complicated history under the rug in order to avoid hard conversations about our shared past.

  • Create a threatening and unwelcoming environment for any student – regardless of class, gender identity, race, ability, geography or background.

  • Determine pandemic safety protocols based on the current political climate rather than science-based research and reputable medical recommendations.

  • Place partisan politics above the wellbeing of students and families.

Michigan students have a right to a proper education that enriches their lives and prepares them for the challenges of the modern world. I pledge to support this right by speaking out against injustice in education and partisan attacks on students and teachers.