Tell Congress and President Biden: Put workers first!

We cannot let this moment pass without big change.

The AFL-CIO has a Workers First Agenda for Congress and President Joe Biden. We are ready to work together to pass laws that put working people first. Will you add your name and join us?

We need laws that protect our rights to organize and join a union. We need laws that set workplace safety standards to keep us safe during this global pandemic and beyond. We need laws that advance racial and economic justice in every facet of our society.

We need laws that create jobs with a living wage and good benefits—where workers are treated with dignity and can hold our heads high, knowing we are paid fairly for our work and can provide for ourselves and the people we love.

Working people are the foundation of this country. And we are committed to building an America that works for all of us.

Add your name to show that you support an agenda that puts workers first.

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