Tell Congress: Include funding to plant more trees in the Farm Bill.

Plant more trees

The petition to Congress reads:

"Include funding to plant more trees in the Farm Bill."

What weather event causes the most deaths in America? The answer might surprise you. It's not tornadoes, floods, or hurricanes – it’s extreme heat.

According to the latest research, heat takes as many as 12,000 lives per year. That's the population of a small town, wiped from the Earth annually.

In fact, the recent heat waves we've experienced in the West have taken hundreds of lives in just a few weeks and left us all a worrying reminder that climate change is real — it’s here now, and it’s only going to get worse if we don't act fast.

The good news is, planting trees can help lower temperatures, provide shade and even reduce demand on our energy grid by decreasing our dependence on air conditioners..

Sign Dream Corps Green For All’s petition asking Congress to include funding for planting trees all across America in the Farm Bill.