Tell Congress: Support Biden, end Trump’s xenophobic Title 42 now!

The Biden administration has announced that in May, it will end Title 42, a xenophobic Trump-era policy that has blocked people fleeing from wars, genocide, political repression, and persecution from lawfully applying for asylum at the US border.

But now, members of Congress are sponsoring legislation to keep Title 42 in place, even threatening to block funding for coronavirus prevention until this xenophobic policy is extended.

Under the concept of non-refoulement, the 1951 Refugee Convention and its subsequent 1967 Protocol declares a person seeking asylum should not be returned to a country where they face serious threats to their life or freedom.

Shamefully, the United States has used Title 42 to expel more than 1.7 million migrants and asylum seekers in the last two years. Thousands of asylum seekers have been kidnapped, raped, and tortured.

Ending the Title 42 expulsion policy at our border is a critical step in rebuilding a just asylum system.

Take action now! Tell Congress to stand with President Biden and end the Trump-era Title 42 expulsion policy right away.

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