Tell Congress to censure Rep. Paul Gosar and strip all his committee assignments.

The petition to Congressional leadership reads:
“Rep. Paul Gosar is a white supremacist with no business serving on congressional committees. Censure Rep. Gosar and strip him of his committee assignments without delay.”

Move over Steve King, there is a new racist Congressman in town, and his name is Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ).

You might recognize Mr. Gosar from his starring role in the attempted insurrection on January 6th. But while the Congressman has mainly been outshined by Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley in connection with their playdate with sedition, Gosar is now gaining notoriety for his associations with white supremacist groups.

Sign the petition: Censure Rep. Paul Gosar and remove him from all committee assignments.

Earlier this year, while most GOP politicians were scrambling to get some facetime at CPAC, Gosar decided to one-up them and give the keynote speech at the America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC). America First, an organization of virulent racists, has called for a homeland for white people and denied the Holocaust.

When the media confronted Gosar about his participation at the far-right event, he tried to distance himself, saying “white racism” was “not appropriate.” Republican leaders seemed to think that was good enough and allowed him to get off without consequences for his shameless attendance at the alt-right conference.

Paul Gosar has no place in American politics. Sign our petition and demand that he is held accountable and removed from all congressional committees.

It seems that Gosar hasn’t learned his lesson. The Arizona politician just tweeted an image boasting America First’s motto, once again showing that he not only condones white supremacy but supports it explicitly.

The tweet featured a cartoon of a sex worker leaning into a man’s car saying, “$50 WHATEVER YOU WANT BABY.”


“America First is inevitable.” is the motto of the white nationalist organization. And then, as if the message wasn’t clear enough, he ended the tweet with one more #AmericaFirst hashtag

Congress must take a stand against Gosar’s ignorant and hateful behavior. Sign our petition and demand that he is removed from all committee assignments and censured for his recent displays of white supremacist hate.