TELL DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP: Strip the $25 Billion Taxpayer Giveaway to Big Oil From the Infrastructure Bill Now!

During the campaign, President Biden called for a ban on new oil and gas leases on federal land and he did it through Executive Action within weeks of taking office.

In fact, he actually revoked permits for the dangerous Keystone Pipeline on his first day in office and he committed to a policy of reserving at least a third of all federal lands for conservation.

President Biden also called for an end to all fossil fuel subsidies.

Now corporate Democrats are trying to force the president to break that campaign promise by giving away $25 billion to ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, and the rest of Big Oil. That’s not just terrible policy for the planet, it’s bad politics for Democrats too.

SIGN THE PETITION: Tell Democratic Leaders to stand up to Big Oil and prioritize the fight against climate change by stripping the $25 billion taxpayer giveaway to the fossil fuel industry from the infrastructure bill now!

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