Tell Gmail: Scrap the Political Spam Plan

The petition to Google CEO Sundar Pichai reads:

"Gmail users do not want to receive unsolicited email from political campaigns or committees. I urge you to cancel your plan to allow political entities to send unsolicited spam and commit to protecting my inbox from ALL unsolicited emails."

Think political spam is out of control now? Just wait: It’s about to get much worse.

Gmail is on the verge of launching a pilot program that would allow federal campaigns, party committees & leadership PACs to send unsolicited spam without consequence.

If Gmail moves forward, it will open the floodgates to a major increase in political spam, inundating our inboxes with emails from politicians we did not sign up for and do not want.

The company’s decision to launch the pilot program came in direct response to pressure from Republican politicians, including the introduction of highly-partisan legislation, threatening letters to its CEO and a complaint to the Federal Election Commission.

Republicans pressured Gmail to allow political spam because they have faced consequences for their years of spamming and scamming potential supporters. Some of their emails have been relegated to spam folders where they belong, and they’re eager to get their unsolicited emails back into primary inboxes, whether or not people want to receive them.

Here’s the bottom line: Individuals should have the power to decide which political campaigns they receive emails from, on an opt-in basis.

Sign this petition if you agree that Gmail should immediately cancel its plans to allow political entities to send unsolicited spam without consequence.