Gov. Evers Must Stop Enforcement of Act 292!

Wisconsin’s Unborn Child Protection Act (Act 292) allows the state to deprive pregnant people their bodily autonomy and fundamental rights during pregnancy.

Under this law, the state can to take certain pregnant people into custody, assign a lawyer for the embryo or fetus but no lawyer for the pregnant person including at important early stages of the proceeding, and send the person to drug treatment, psychiatric hospitals, or even jail – regardless of whether drug treatment is really needed. All Wisconsinites should be able to seek medical advice and care without fear of investigation or loss of individual liberty.

Act 292 was ruled unconstitutional but was kept in place due to the efforts of former Governor Scott Walker and his attorney general; however, Governor Tony Evers has the power to act. Reproaction is demanding that Governor Evers take immediate action, direct all counties to stop enforcing Act 292, and work with the legislature to repeal this regressive law.

All Wisconsinites should have the freedom to make seek healthcare and make medical decisions with privacy and dignity, but Act 292 denies those rights to pregnant people. Governor Tony Evers must respect the bodily autonomy and defend the human rights of all Wisconsinites by moving to stop enforcement of Act 292.

Tell Governor Evers to take immediate action to stop enforcement of Act 292, and pledge to fight for the rights and health of all pregnant Wisconsinites.

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