Tell President Biden: Extend the Payment Pause on Student Loans and Cancel Student Debt Now!

Forty-five million people nationwide are currently saddled with student loan debt.

Most federal student loan payments have been on pause since early in the pandemic to help struggling families, especially in Black, Brown and Indigenous communities most impacted by crippling student debt. That pause also stopped all collections on defaulted federal student loans, and put in place an interest freeze.

The current pause on student loan payments is slated to expire on May 1.

President Biden has extended the payment pause before and he ran on canceling a substantial load of student debt during the 2020 campaign. If the president delivered on his promise and also extended the payment pause, he could instantly erase student debt for 15 million borrowers and lower the burden for everyone else.

The cost of food, housing, and other basic necessities are going up, even as the prospect of a student loan bill looms for families nationwide.

Join us in calling on President Biden to extend the payment pause on student loans before the May 1 deadline and cancel student debt by adding your name now.