Tell President Biden: Make this year the year of Executive Actions

President Biden ran on an agenda that puts working people and families first―and takes on the greed of wealthy corporations. While the Biden administration has made important progress to provide jobs and lift the incomes of working people, bold transformation reforms included in Build Back Better have been held hostage to corporate influence in Congress. The continuing effects of the pandemic stress the dire need for structural reforms.

President Biden should send a clear message: If Congress can't act, he will. This year must be a year of bold executive actions.

Here's a few of the meaningful actions that the Biden administration should take:

  • Lower prescription drug prices that are bankrupting U.S. families by benchmarking U.S. drug prices against prices in other countries, allowing the federal government to purchase medications in bulk and at lower prices for critical populations that lack access, and permitting U.S. pharmacies and patients to import drugs from other nations.

  • Take on the climate crisis and create millions of jobs in a renewable energy economy by setting aggressive emissions standards for vehicles and power plants.

  • Fix the student debt crisis so that receiving an education doesn’t equal a lifetime of student loan payments by canceling federal student debt, as he promised to during the campaign, and automatically enrolling every student debtor in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

  • Reform our marijuana laws so that possession of a small amount of marijuana doesn’t mean jail time or the loss of a job, and offer blanket pardons to those currently incarcerated.

Each one of these areas (and more!) can be addressed through Executive Actions.

Tell President Joe Biden that on each policy he’s fighting for, he must utilize the full powers of his office -- and that means utilizing Executive Actions when Congress is unable or unwilling to act. Sign the petition today!

Check out More Perfect Union’s latest report where we speak with the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services from the Obama administration, where he outlines the Executive Actions President Biden must take to lower drug prices now without the need for congressional action: