Tell Senator Barrett, Friedman and Representative Ciccolo to Support S.464 H.4264 S.453 An Act Relative To Environmental Justice In The Commonwealth

It is time we recognize climate change is a social justice issue. This bill helps support communities that are affected by climate change.

PROTECT COMMUNITIES FROM MORE POLLUTION The Act expands the requirements for state government environmental review to include public health impacts and long-term harms when deciding whether to prohibit polluting projects.

INCREASE ACCESS TO GOVERNMENT AND INFORMATION The Act ensures that polluters pay for translation of written information into languages spoken by nearby residents and interpretation at public meetings so that everyone can learn about a project and share their opinion with decision makers. The Act also requires public meetings to be held in convenient locations at times when people are able to attend.

INCREASE ACCESS TO HEALTHY RESOURCES The Act expands access to parks, open space, clean rivers, gardens, and playgrounds particularly for neighborhoods that do not have these benefits. It will also provide funds and other resources to help neighborhoods that have not had many resources.

Form by
Sunrise Lexington MA Pathak
Lexington MA, Massachusetts