Tell Senator Denning to Expand Medicaid In Kansas


On February 14, Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee has agreed to hold a hearing on bill SB38 to expand KanCare. It was brought to a hearing because 75% of Kansans support KanCare Expansion, 66% of Republican voters statewide support KanCare expansion and Majority of Republican voters in every congressional district support expanding KanCare.

Now, we hear Senate Majority Leader Jim Denning is threatening not to bring it to the Senate floor for a full vote. This is egregious behavior on his part, since expanding Medicaid would provide coverage for about 80,000 Kansans. These are folks who make too much to be covered by traditional Medicaid and not enough to receives subsidies from ObamaCare. Plus, it would provide additional resources for rural hospitals and clinics that are at risk of closing and pretty much decimating the towns they're in.

Senator Denning needs to hear from us. We need to call him (785-296-2497) and tell him to bring KanCare Expansion to the Senate floor for a full vote. And, if he can hear from his constituents, it's even better. Is he your senator? To find out, go HERE and enter your address.

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