Tell the Judiciary Committee: Don't bury Coretta Scott King's letter opposing Jeff Sessions

Today is the last day of Jeff Sessions Attorney General confirmation hearings and a key piece of testimony against him has not been part of the proceedings. Jeff Sessions was was deemed too racist for a federal judgeship in the 80s in large part due to an incredibly damning letter from Coretta Scott King.

This letter, not made public until this week, outlines Sessions' history of voter intimidation and politically motivated voter fraud prosecutions. Mrs. King's testimony was a crucial piece of evidence that deemed Sessions unfit for federal judgeship, but it is not being considered in his Attorney General confirmation hearings.

Call the Judiciary Committee TODAY and demand that they submit Coretta Scott King's damning letter against Jeff Sessions into the record and read it during the confirmation hearing.

In a 9-page letter Mrs. King insists that Sessions could not be given such a role of power because he would "irreparably damage the work of [her] husband" Martin Luther King, Jr. and could not be trusted to protect the voting rights of all Americans. She was right. Jeff Sessions has opposed and fought against voting rights his whole career.

Call the Judiciary Committee TODAY and tell them this letter must be entered into the congressional record and read as a part of Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing. Here is the number and a sample script.
Senate Judiciary Committee phone number:

"My name is ______ and I'm calling from ______. 30 years ago Coretta Scott King wrote a letter opposing a federal judgeship for Jeff Sessions because of his abysmal record of violating voting rights for people of color. Her letter is a crucial piece of information, proving Sessions is unfit to serve as Attorney General. It must be read today during Sessions' confirmation hearing."

After you have completed your call, please fill out this form and tell us how it went.

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