Tell the Media: Make sure voters KNOW the stakes for Social Security!

First, Donald Trump went on CNBC and announced that there was “a lot you could do” to cut Social Security and Medicare.

Then, the Republican Study Committee released a plan to cut Social Security by $1.5 trillion.

But cable news has spent more time covering Donald Trump’s favorite Snapchat filters than telling voters the stakes for programs that affect all of them. In the 48 hours following Trump’s announcement, the three biggest cable news networks dedicated just 30 minutes between them to Trump’s plan.

Graph showing major cable news coverage of Trump's March 11 CNBC interview suggesting cuts to Social SEcurity and MEdicare, showing 21 minutes on MSNBC, 9 minutes on CNN, and zero minutes on Fox NEws

Tell the CEOs for Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC: Social Security and Medicare are on the ballot this November! Your viewers deserve to know it!