Tell the Senate: Protect Students. Vote No on Gorsuch.

Nearly every issue that affects our public school students and educators makes its way to the Supreme Court. That's why we are telling the Senate that they must oppose Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

Judge Gorsuch cannot be trusted to stand up for students or for public education. With everything that's at stake, we need an independent Supreme Court willing to check any abuse of executive power, who will protect the rights of our nation's students and educators.


Why should you care about the Supreme Court and Neil Gorsuch? Just look at all the issues that could come in front of the Supreme Court, and how Neil Gorsuch could endanger our students, educators, and schools:

Special Education Students: Gorsuch has denied protections to special education students—even where he has acknowledged the student’s rights were violated.

Students’ Civil Rights: Gorsuch has argued that courts should vindicate civil rights only in “extraordinary cases” and judges should not recognize “gay marriage.” As a judge, he denied legal protections to a transgender woman.

School Voucher Programs: The issue of whether religious organizations, such as schools, have a right to public funding is pending before the Supreme Court right now. Gorsuch’s prior rulings suggest he would support religious schools' claims to public funding.

Rights to Negotiate Collectively: The next Court will likely consider cases that could weaken or eliminate educators’ right to negotiate collectively on issues like wages, benefits, and working conditions. It is vital that the next justice supports the rights of educators to join together to improve public schools.

Guns in Schools: The National Rifle Association, along with Betsy DeVos and President Trump, opposes gun-free school zones. The NRA strongly supports Gorsuch, and calls Gorsuch’s record on their issues “very impressive.”

Add your name today. Tell your senators to oppose Gorsuch.