Tell Your Representative to Pass the PRO Act

Working-class and middle-class families in the United States deserve income security and should be able to organize their co-workers to demand living wages and healthy working conditions. In a time when the richest Americans’ wealth growth has increased by more than 200% while wages remain stagnant for the rest of us, we need our lawmakers to protect workers’ rights.

That’s why, on May 2, Rep. Bobby Scott (Va.) and Sen. Patty Murray (Wash.) introduced the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act in the U.S. House and Senate, respectively. If passed, the PRO Act would provide millions of workers across the country with additional protections to organize and collectively bargain.

More specifically, the legislation will:

  • Penalize employers who violate workers’ right to organize.

  • Help workers secure a first contract.

  • Protect workers who go on strike.

  • And close loopholes that allow companies to misclassify workers as independent contractors.

This legislation is an important step toward closing the gap between current unionization rates and the percentage of workers who wish to be in a union. It's time for our lawmakers to show their support for working people and families across the country.

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