Testify at Public Hearing on Study Bill for Husky 4 All!

Thank you so much for your interest in submitting written or oral public testimony in support of S.B. 1090, the study bill for Husky 4 All! This bill will allow for a full economic and financial impact study to be conducted on a single-payer system in Connecticut. The evidence provided by the study will prove once and for all to all of our opponents and anyone on the fence that not only can we save a ton of money if we switch to single-payer, we will finally be able to provide quality coverage to everyone!

Public testimony can be as simple as, "Say yes to S.B. 1090", however, we would be more than happy to assist you or provide helpful tips and information that will make your testimony more compelling. Please sign up here to let us know that you have registered to submit either written or oral testimony and if you would like any help with either. We will then be in touch to make sure you are all set up for a successful entry!

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