The CT Citizen Research Group Online Auction Donor Form


Hello Auction Donor Friends! The Connecticut Citizen Research and Action Groups are going virtual for our 49th Annual Auction & Awards event scheduled for December 3rd.

One silver lining is that this will give our donors far more exposure! We will run the online auction until December 7th.

Year after year, local artists, community-minded businesses, and caring citizens all play an essential role in our popular auction. Throughout history art has met activism. It is our belief that in supporting the arts & community-minded businesses we are fulfilling our promise of a better life for all Connecticut citizens.

To that end, along with your donation, please be sure to send any information you would like for us to use in promoting your work. Your donation to the CCRG auction is greatly appreciated.

Please complete the donation information to the right to let us know what you will be sharing.

Call/text/email Duste Dunn anytime with questions.

Thank you for your support!

Duste Dunn- Event Coordinator

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