The Freedom BLOC Week of Action: Decriminalizing Poverty

Poverty and homelessness in the United States are largely outgrowths of institutionalized racism. Inequity in housing, education, healthcare and wealth creation is inextricable from that which fuels police brutality, mass incarceration of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color (“BIPOC”), and the criminalization of poverty. Instead of addressing the inequities in those systems, our national, state, and local governments have tasked our criminal justice system to police and punish those who have suffered the most.

The Freedom BLOC will highlight these inequities while also putting forth grassroots solutions to these overarching issues. We believe those closest to the pain are closest to the solutions but furthest away from the resources.

We will bring grassroots leadership and policy makers together to begin changing what has been normal for so long.

Join us for 3 days of Education, Empowerment and Action as we DECRIMINALIZE POVERTY!!!!


April 13th- Housing is a Right Think Tank

April 14th- Criminal Justice Reform Panel

April 15th- Volunteer Phone Bank and Text Bank

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