Sign the State of OUR Union Pledge

Now, more than ever, we need bold leadership. The status quo is unacceptable, and dangerous for too many of us. What we must accomplish demands that we come together, across all communities, to change the balance of power. Each and every person has a role to play in creating the future we deserve.

Therefore, we plan to take action to better the state of our union in 2018 -- join in by signing the pledge.

In 2018, we plan to:

Unite. We will stand united against hate, misogyny, sexual violence and violence in all of its forms, racism, and all forms of discrimination.

Organize. It is the diversity of our nation that makes us strong, not the opposite. We will organize across all of our communities and workplaces, for real solutions.

Listen. We will listen to those closest to inequality and injustice, and we will support them as they lead

Fight.We will challenge abuses of power when and where they occur

Vote. Our collective power is expressed at the polls. We will run for office, vote for candidates that listen to and represent us, and bring our families and our neighbors with us.

Hope. We will imagine a better world and then reach for it.

Love. We will appreciate and lift one another up. And we will win, with love.