The Win As One Promise

We want a country that is much happier, more equal, and more sustainable. A country with a flourishing democracy and a thriving society.

To get there we need a new politics that builds a new long-term settlement for the huge challenges and opportunities our country faces: the climate and cost of living crises, housing, social care, technological shifts and much more.

That new politics starts with proportional representation, the key to unlocking democracy. Our existing system centralises power, lets the already powerful skew the system in their favour and gives unequal power to a few swing voters in a few swing seats. We want to replace a system in which 70% of votes are wasted and which forces many voters to back their least bad option, not what they believe in most.  

Instead, we want a system in which every vote counts equally, which disperses power and incentives new thinking, creativity, and cooperation for the long term.  

We want to change both the government and the system of government.

As candidates, activists, and citizens we promise to use our activism, resources, and votes at the next election to:

  1. Make proportional representation a priority issue at the next election and in any new government
  2. Cooperate with people of all progressive parties and none who share these values and want to change the political system to change our country.

Sign the above form to show your promise for achieving the change we need at the next election

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