They have the courts, we have the people - take action!

We the undersigned organizations and individuals call on labor unions, reproductive rights organizations, and progressive organizations to organize and join immediate protests around the country to culminate in a national day of action before the Supreme Court makes its undemocratic attack final.

Democracy is the answer. Mass movements are the answer. Politics from the bottom up is the answer. We pledge to be in the streets, because who knows what the undemocratic Supreme Court will overturn next. Only solidarity will save us.

We demand federal legislation to protect abortion as a human right. We demand that the Senate abolish the filibuster if needed to do so.

Striking down Roe v Wade is an attack on the working class in this country. We are committed to the liberation of all people having freedom and control over their own lives and bodies. Nothing less.

Our autonomy should not depend on the whims of nine unelected lifetime appointments but on the democratic will of the people.

Sign, share, and join us in fighting back against these attacks. Free abortion on demand and without apology.

The Democratic Socialists of America