Time To Unleash “Dank Brandon”

In the past month, President Biden has passed a historic healthcare and climate bill, protected Dreamers by codifying DACA, and forgiven thousands per debtor in student loans.

That just might be enough to hold the House and the Senate this November, but there’s one thing left he can do to guarantee it: Taking the first steps toward decriminalizing marijuana.

President Biden can initiate the process to remove marijuana from the schedule of the Controlled Substances Act with the stroke of a pen. This action would make it easier for businesses in states who have ended prohibition to flourish. Right now, cannabis businesses can’t operate across state lines and are financially insecure because they don't have full access to the banking system or the ability to write off their employees' healthcare costs.

In short, descheduling marijuana would shorten the path to full legalization.

Descheduling marijuana is incredibly popular with voters—right up there with saving the planet, fighting inflation, and fighting the student debt crisis. But more importantly, descheduling marijuana could be the issue that gets thousands of unlikely voters to the polls this year.

Sign our urgent petition to President Biden for him to answer America’s call to decriminalize marijuana.


President Biden,

While running for President, you said “I think we should decriminalize marijuana, period. And I think everyone – anyone who has a record – should be let out of jail, their records expunged, and be completely zeroed out.”

Yet nearly two years into office, you have not taken action.

Given all of your legislative and Executive accomplishments in recent months, now is the time for you to fulfill your commitment on cannabis.

Millions of Americans have been subjected to a marijuana-related arrest and criminal conviction. Branding these individuals as lifelong criminals serves no legitimate society purpose and results in a litany of lost opportunities including the potential loss of employment, housing, voting rights, professional licensing, and student aid.

Further delay is completely unwarranted. The time for action is now.