Building your FFF group from little or nothing, meet anytime though best weekends 1000 or 1700 Central European Time

Set a time by mutual agreement  and join the zoom basic introductory meeting for Action Network training. Best however is weekends, at 10:00 or 17:00 CET (Central European Time). The training focus is how to create and launch a petition using our special template from FFF Action Network. Sign up on the right and after you sign up you will receive the zoom link. We will also provide you with a step by step reference document. If you do not have access to FFF Action Network, we can arrange after the meeting that you get access, after signing the GDPR agreement. The strategy and the tools offered in this training are to help you get going to build and organize the local climate  movement. It does take a little bit to understand how ActionNetwork works. Using a petition is for sure a tool useful to build your local movement and group.  Questions and discussion are welcome. Remember, please make an appointment by  signing up on the right hand side. After you sign up, in a separate email, we will reconfirm your time.