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Volunteer Lawyers in need of Volunteer Translators and Interpreters
Lawyers for Good Government (L4GG), with more than 120,000 members, is an army of volunteer lawyers fighting for equality, justice and the future of our nation. In the course of rapidly responding to events such as the travel ban, increased ICE/deportation efforts, and the announced elimination of protection for DACA recipients, it has become clear that volunteer interpreters (spoken) and translators (written) are critical to the efforts of L4GG members and other organizations with which it works.  We need your help!

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Consent to Disclosure of Information

By submitting information via this form, you expressly consent to the use and sharing of your name, contact and other information by and among individuals or organizations who may request the services of a volunteer translator or interpreter.  This may include members of L4GG and other volunteers and organizations with whom L4GG members may work or coordinate services.  L4GG may use an email list for sending out communications.   Other organizations may have different policies regarding collection and use of personal information and neither L4GG nor L4GG officers, directors or members are responsible for their use of your information.  L4GG cannot ensure that your information will not be disclosed to other third parties.  

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