URGENT PETITION: End Nepal's Deopokhari Animal Sacrifice Festival

Khokana’s Deopokhari animal sacrifice festival is one of the most savage and barbaric religious festivals in Nepal.

It is initiated with an unimaginably cruel ceremony where a baby female goat is tormented for almost an hour by nine men, fighting to be the ‘hero’ of conquering the animal as an offering to the goddess, Rudranayani.

The baby goat is dragged, grappled, strangled, bitten, RIPPED APART by bare hands, and DROWNED ALIVE. Her death is followed by the onslaught of innocent animals who are hacked at with dull blades and decapitated during a violent aftermath.

And this happens every single year.

URGENT: We must use our current momentum to keep up the pressure to end the brutality once and for all.

Tell Nepal's Minister of Home Affairs:

We must end live animal sacrifice altogether. Replace it with more compassionate offerings.