Tell Vanguard’s new CEO: Protect retirement savers from climate-related financial risks

Vanguard is the second largest asset manager in the world, managing almost $8 trillion on behalf of 50 million investors, including tens of millions of individuals saving for retirement. Asset management companies, like Vanguard, manage the investments and retirement savings of pensions, corporations, and everyday people like us.

Given Vanguard’s size, how the company invests its funds has a big impact on whether or not we will reach global climate goals and mitigate climate financial risk. And, for those of us who are Vanguard clients – anyone who has a pension, 401(k), or savings plan managed by Vanguard – these actions to address the climate crisis will impact whether we meet our retirement goals and the safety of our (financial) future.

Unfortunately, Vanguard has been failing on addressing climate financial risks: it is the biggest investor in fossil fuel companies and has among the worst records for holding companies accountable on their climate and sustainability impacts.

But that could change. Vanguard just announced a new CEO, Salim Ramji, who has an opportunity to steer the company in a new direction. It’s imperative that Vanguard focuses on responsibly managing the financial risks of climate change. To do that, Ramji needs to hear from us that we demand change.]

It’s time to put Vanguard at the vanguard of its industry.

Tell the company's new CEO to protect its clients’ investments – and our future – by taking action to address the growing costs and risks of the climate crisis. Add your name now.