Get Involved and Make a Difference: Join Our Volunteer Teams

Want to get more involved with Emergent Justice?

Then, join one or more of our Volunteer Teams.  Each team focuses on a specific area of our work. Chose the area(s) and level of involvement that works for you.

Reproductive Justice Team

Current Focus: working in support of the Reproductive Freedom 4 All ballot proposal. We were very involved in helping collect signatures for the ballot initiative. Now we are working to help get it (Proposal 3) passed in November. The proposal will amend the Michigan Constitution permanently, ensuring that all Michiganders have the right to safe and respectful care during birthing, that everyone has the right to use temporary or permanent birth control, the right to continue or end a pregnancy pre-viability, and that no one can be punished for having a miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion.

This team will also work on issues of clemency for women incarcerated in Michigan Department of Corrections.

Voter Education and Engagement/Fight Voter Suppression Team

Current Focus: fighting voter suppression as part of the Defend Black Voters Coalition. We're working to hold corporations that say Black Lives Matter accountable for also donating to politicians behind voter suppression legislation (the Secure MI Vote initiative).

While we are fighting voter suppression, we are also working to register, educate and engage voters. In Michigan, the only time a person is barred from voting due to involvement with the criminal legal system is while they are in jail serving a sentence. They can vote if they are incarcerated because they can't afford bail and they can vote while on parole. We have found that far too many Returning Neighbors (formerly incarcerated individuals) and their family members do not know that Michigan restores a person's voting rights after they are released from jail, so they believe they are unable to vote. Our goal is to build a block of voters with felony convictions who not only understand they can vote. But also understand the power of their vote to influence legislation and policy, as well as how legislation and policy impact their daily lives and that of others in their community.

Levels of Involvement

You can be involved a little or a lot. Each of our Volunteer Teams has the following levels of involvement available. Please use the form to select all the ones you are interested in for each team.

  • Boots on the Ground
    Staffing and/or attending events such as: collecting signatures for the Reproductive for All ballot initiative, Get Out the Vote and Defend Black Voters events/activities. It can also include participating in marches, protests, or showing up at public meetings where our issues are being discussed. Sign up for this level and be among the first to be notified of these types of in-person actions.
  • Virtual Action Crew
    The Crew's work will all be virtual. For example: Twitterstorms, calling and email campaigns to both express opinion and create virtual traffic jams, as well as other social media tactics. Sometimes the Crew's work will happen alongside the work of Boots on the Ground. Other times, their efforts will be the main action. Sign up for this level and be among the first to be notified of these types of virtual actions.
  • Outreach/Event Coordinators
    Take ownership of one or more of the outreach events/activities proposed by the Advisory/Leadership Committee and make them happen. This could include obtaining a venue, recruiting the any additional volunteers you would need for the event (either from Emergent Justice or your own network), supervising at the event, etc. Minimum Time Required is dependent on the number of events/activities you lead.
  • Advisory/Leadership Committee
    Work with Emergent Justice staff to create a plan/campaign that helps the organization reach its goals and meet the expectations of our community and Emergent Justice's funders in the area of Reproductive Justice. Minimum Time Required: 4 - 7 hours per month, including attending at least 2 virtual planning meetings each month.