Volunteer Sign-up for Oct 2nd 2021 Event

We are so excited you have chosen to step up and volunteer for the events of October 2, 2021. Women's March Jacksonville and others are organizing events that will need many different types of volunteers. We are still ironing out details but wanted to give you an opportunity to tell us a bit about you, how you'd like to help before, during, and after October 2nd.

What we know so far

Things will begin around 9 AM and end around 1:00


We are looking for people with experience in planning large-scale events or who are willing to learn-on-the-job. Please let us know if you have the time, talent, and/or desire to be involved in the planning of this event.


There will be automobile caravans starting at different points around the Jacksonville area. We will identify rally areas where people can gather to decorate their cars, meet others from your neighborhood, receive instructions on the caravan route, and generally organize for the caravan. Rally marshals will be identified and volunteers will support the marshals. We are looking for volunteers to:

  1. Bring supplies to decorate cars
  2. Help people decorate cars
  3. Distribute route maps
  4. Help people interact in a COVID-safe manner while fostering community and sister-, brother-, person-hood

Rally at the Courthouse

All caravans will converge at the Duval County Courthouse where we can socially distance on the large lawn and hear from local leaders on the topic of bodily autonomy and equality. There will be a sound system, tents, and more. We are looking for volunteers to:

  1. Arrive early to help set-up
  2. During the rally, provide support for people with special needs and support the Peacekeepers
  3. Medical support. If you are a trained medical professional and provide medical support during the event please let us know.
  4. Tear-down after the event
  5. Sign language interpreters are needed to provide support for deaf participants


During the rally, a march will be announced. The route has not been determined, yet. During the march we need volunteers to:

  1. Stay at the Courthouse to keep an eye on things
  2. Walk with the marchers to insure people stay on the sidewalks, cross streets safely, know what is being chanted, carry banners, and generally help with organization

Again, we are so appreciative of your enthusiasm to be part of this event and your willingness to give of your time and energy. Please accept our sincere appreciation.

We will be in touch, so watch your email (spam folder, too). We will be setting up volunteer coordination Zoom calls.