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In these times our most cherished values seem under attack – respect and dignity for all, Earth’s stewardship, and democracy. We in the local Party have learned that it’s no longer enough to cast our votes every couple of years. To build better lives for ourselves and our children, we must live and work together within our own communities and across the communities of state and nation.

In May 2019 our local Party passed a 5-year strategic plan. We know where the Party will be in May of 2024 and have a blueprint to get there.

Come join us! There are many ways to be involved. Help Build the Blue in Defiance County. Putting each brick in place to build a better future takes many hands. No one person or small group will do it all. We give of our talents and time in a spirit inspired by Martin Luther King: “If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.”

Form by
Ed Singer
Defiance, Ohio