Help Michiganders Vote Absentee!

Have Friends, Family, and Colleagues in Michigan?

We Vote Every Time (WAVE) is an innovative, relational tool that lets us reach out---via email, calls, letters---to Michigan voters, encouraging them to vote and letting them know how to vote by absentee ballot,

A personal message from a friend cuts through the e-clutter!

  • Research shows that voters are more likely to act on "Did you vote?" requests, if they’re made by someone they know.
  • Use WAVE Michigan to help find contacts (friends, family, and colleagues) who are registered---but less likely---to-vote. Then reach out and encourage them to vote by mail, from the comfort and safety of their own home!
  • Users can use WAVE Michigan to track the status of their absentee ballot through the system, ensuring it has been received and counted as good by their city/township clerk and as reported by the Michigan Secretary of State. It is similar to VAN, but does not require that you work with a campaign or have a Dem club affiliation.

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Help Michigan Friends, Family, and Colleagues Vote Absentee and Track Their Ballots