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The results will help us plan a successful Rebellion and we may be in touch to ensure you can engage fully and maximise your rebel potential safely and effectively.

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Preparing your communities for rebellion- Rebellion Handbook

Guidance on actions in the time of corona virus


Using these themes we will unite the UK in beautiful, coordinated, dispersed actions across our nations, regions and communities as we launch our Rebellion.

Fri 28th Aug: Mass banner drop across the UK plus Fossil Fuel-focused actions


Sat 29th Aug: Airports and Aviation


Sun 30th Aug: Trust The People (outreach, PA’s, talks, training, visioning, regen)


Mon 31st Aug: Permanent Bank ‘holiday’, finance-focused actions


Tue 1st Sep onwards: Rebellion continues in Regions and goes to cities  


Now is the time for your LG, AG or community to get creative and start planning actions and events under these unified theme days.

"We Want To Live: Preparing your Community for Rebellion

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