We Will Remember in November

There is so much at stake in this election and we need people to vote! So many people have lost hope; they aren't moved by pundits or polls. But what can motivate people to vote are the personal stories we share. That's why Hometown Action is partnering with Political Healers as part of their Remember in November campaign and asking you to take our Voter Pledge and share the story of what you will Remember in November.

WE REMEMBER who put their greed before everyday people’s health and safety.

WE REMEMBER who sent cops into communities with tanks, tear gas and rubber bullets, to terrorize community members & to criminalize blackness.

WE REMEMBER who ignored our pleas for rent and mortgage freezes, for adequate PPE and fair wages for frontline workers, for our elders to be released from prisons and detention centers.

WE REMEMBER who used the COVID pandemic as an opportunity to suppress people’s right to vote.


Remember in November is a campaign of Political Healers--a national womxn of color centered and led organization. Hometown Action is a partner organization.

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