What's Next After Defeating Trump?

Thanks for taking this survey so we can connect you to the organizing efforts you're most interested in. Bay Resistance member organizations are doing some of the most exciting social justice work in the Bay Area. Please choose one or more area. We’ll be back in touch!

  • White nationalism is on the rise, as we’ve seen the last 4 years, and was highlighted on January 6th. Let us know if you want to be involved in local and national efforts to defend our communities from white supremacy.
  • The grassroots efforts to defeat Trump and build our movements won! Now you can join SF Rising, Oakland Rising, Silicon Valley Rising or Bay Rising to connect base building to electoral power every day for communities of color and working class people. Help us build our independent political strength!
  • Especially this year, when we are still fighting COVID and the economic fallout, issues like Housing, Immigrants Rights, Workers Rights, Healthcare, and Climate Justice are in the forefront. Come be part of campaigns led by workers and communities of color on vital local issues!
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