Winning, and onward for $15


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On April 15th, working people, students, faith organizations, union members, and community members like you will stand together for a national day of action to call for accountability from our nation’s more profitable companies and a minimum of $15 per hour.

Join OUR Walmart members on 4/$15 and our growing movement to raise wages and strengthen the economy for all of us.

America can’t build a strong future with poverty wages. When large, profitable companies like Walmart, McDonalds and others hold down wages, benefits and access to hours, it hurts all of us. Ordinary people who work hard are being paid so little that too many can’t afford basics like groceries, rent, or transportation. When families are trapped in poverty, the American economy suffers and we, as taxpayers, end up footing the bill. It’s wrong that the 1% of companies like Walmart are rigging the system for their benefit at the expense of workers, our communities, the environment and our economy.

Just last month, OUR Walmart leaders and allies like you won a raise for 500,000 Walmart workers nationwide. But we know, especially with no public commitment to giving workers access to the full-time hours they need, that families can’t get by on $10 an hour. With $16 billion in profits and run by a family with more wealth than 42% of Americans combined, Walmart can afford to do better. 

If you are planning actions in AR, CO, FL, MD, or OH, please be sure to conduct these actions on public property. For more guidelines, please download these instructions.
Form by
Silvia Fabela
Washington, District of Columbia