Women's March Foundation Voter Registration Kit

We are months away from the most crucial election in recent history and Women's March Foundation is demanding that the next President of the United States have a clear agenda to advance Women's Rights!

We've run out of time, we can't wait for someone to save us, we need to TAKE ACTION!

This is where YOU come in...

Our focus for 2020 is to give our Warriors the tools they need to register their family, friends, neighbors and communities to vote!  Yes, it takes effort to take this next step, but think about this...if you help register just one person, you are giving them a voice, empowering them to vote on issues that may affect them and their loved ones.  What an amazing gift to give!!

All you need to do is follow these steps:

1) Get Trained to Register Voters: Contact community organizations like a WM chapter in your area or contact your county registrar office (routinely hold training sessions) so you are prepared.

2) Contact Colleges/Universities: Contact your local colleges/universities and ask them about upcoming events that offer tabling, where you can register our youth, the LARGEST voting bloc in the country, which currently includes 400,000 unregistered voters.

3) Voter Registration Kit:   We'll send you an awesome kit to get you started and will include:

  • Women's March Tote Bag
  • Women's March Volunteer Shirt
  • WM Sticker Giveaways
  • WM Poster (to display at your table)
  • WM Business Cards (to route people that have additional questions and/or would like to sign up for our email list)

4) How to Register to Vote in Every US State: Registering to vote in each state varies, so please click here to learn about how to vote in your state.

5) Send us your pictures:  We'd love to share your Voter Reg photos on our website and social media channels, to help spread the word!  Send us a quick email and we'll get posting!  And don't forget to use these hashtags on your social media channels: #WM2020, #WMvote, #PassItOn, #WomenRising.

To get started, just fill out this form to receive a kit (please note that forms must be completely filled out to receive a kit).

Take the next step in becoming civically engaged in your community...all it takes is ACTION!

Your WMF Warrior Sister,

Elaine Patel

Executive Director

Women's March Foundation

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Los Angeles, CA