Work the Polls for Cori and Megan Tuesday August 2nd!

We need your help, comrades!

We're looking for volunteers to work polling places on the August 2nd primary in support of STL DSA members Cori Bush and Megan Green.

We're almost out of the woods, and despite millions in reactionary PAC dark money, Cori is poised to win this primary! Let's show Roberts' out of state backers what solidarity looks like!

We're looking for members to work the highest traffic polling places, in critical neighborhoods that helped Cori win in 2020. We'll also be working to promote fellow DSA member Megan Green in her bid for President of the BoA in the September 13 special election.

Fill out the form to the right and we'll keep you in the loop -- we'll be meeting to coordinate and set you up with campaign literature the night before the primary, at Earthbound Beer on Cherokee.